Home Design and Decor Trends

Every year new interior decorating and design ideas are created which inspire people to change the look and style of their homes. If some of these trends fit well into one's life and budget, then you could consider incorporating them into planned renovations or changes. If they don't fit your family's personality, stay with what already works for you, but never be afraid to mix styles and create something unique!

Designing Open Spaces

Many families have become braver about the use of space in their homes. They are making open areas part of their redecorating or home design. This permits individuality to enter into the decorating process. Home design can then echo the family's dynamic and interests more clearly. Making each room a meaningful space in which to live fits into this latest trend.

Home Décor and Furnishings

Apartments and homes that have smaller rooms can make use of gilded glass items to give their little space a jewelry box look. Gilded glass has a metal or gold leaf backing which adds glitter to the object it covers. This verre églomisé treatment is growing in popularity. Antique brass furnishings and decorative pieces are also making a comeback. Brass may even be used in structural elements, which will then form a shining addition to any room.

Home furnishings and décor can now often be sourced directly from the producer, instead of through a wholesaler. These products are available for the most part online, making costs to the customer significantly less than in stores. Wonderful sheets, for example, with very high thread counts can be found for under $100. Many online companies sell luxurious home goods directly to the homeowner and their place in the market is growing annually. Demand for specific items and client feedback gives online companies more flexibility to change their designs or increase production of specific items.

Color Palettes

At the moment, shades of blue are popular as room accents. Everything from throw pillows to ceramic pieces can make beautiful accents everywhere from living rooms to bathrooms. The most popular accents consist of blue that ranges between navy and royal; it is a "true" blue without any green tint. Emerald green, salmon pink and Dior gray gained popularity on the fashion runways and are expected to flow into home design showrooms as well.

Eco-Friendly Options

Individuals are downsizing and living in smaller homes again as baby boomers become "empty nesters." They want smaller existing homes and are also building limited size floor plans. Due to the ecological views of most of this generation, faux shagreen makes up what used to be leather or hide furnishings. This product has an organic, uniform, textured look elevating the sophistication and glamour of a home's interior. When purchasing a product of faux shagreen, only natural colors work well and it should be used in small doses. It may be found in desktops, cocktail tables, chests and other items. Gray, cream, neutrals and taupe are the best color choices for these products.

Bespoke Designs

Companies that provide "on demand" printing-manufacturing of a specific limited design-in fabric, wallpaper and paper products have made these items very popular. Customers can create their individual upholstery fabrics, custom wall decals and unique wallpaper patterns for a very reasonable price. These products provide the ultimate in personalized room design.

More fanciful and artistic choices add fun to product and furniture design. This process of melding art into décor has recently progressed into the mainstream. Accessibility to these types of products increases annually and is ready now for anyone to take into their homes. The latest look for walls and ceilings consists of angles, diagonals and stripes. Any of these angular designs bring a modern look to dated interiors. Furniture wrapped in leather, linen, grass cloth or raffia may be plain in color and design but still grabs the eye by contrast.

Bedroom design is an intensely personal affair. A bedroom should reflect its occupants so whilst your own bedroom might be your sanctuary where you go to rest, recuperate and re-center, a guest room might offer more neutral furnishings and decor that nevertheless provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere. A children's room might offer zones, hidden nooks and open floor areas for free movement and play. A nursery will most likely be decorated in calm tones with lots of soft and easily washable fabrics, childproof furnishings and baby essentials such as changing tables and a vaporizer or humidifier for baby as well as restful places for you to sit while feeding your little one.

Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Clients want kitchen and bathroom countertops that don't need a lot of upkeep and take the daily wear of family life. A weathered, slightly uneven look has gained in popularity over marble and shined stone used in the past. Neutral and solid colors provide warm tones that bring a comfortable quality to these rooms.

Lighting has become the jewelry that brightens a room. The variety of shapes and colors available provide outstanding accents that become the lynchpin and "make" a room click into something special. Blue and white Chinese shade designs have regained popularity. The elegant gleam of metals in kitchen lighting fixtures has made a comeback in both modern and traditional spaces.

Outdoor Design

Outdoor areas have become an integral part of the home for most families. Rather than formal, controlled areas, more variation and wilderness-style yards are becoming popular. Incorporating plants that need less care and use little water or are more environmentally friendly is a consideration that is taking center stage. Sunrooms or screened porches add space to the footprint of a house and bring the outdoors inside for constant enjoyment throughout the year.

All these trends have become popular with designers and homeowners in the last few years. Anyone renovating an older home or building new construction might want to consider including some of these ideas into their plans.