Basement Design, Decor and Remodeling Trends

The only thought that used to go into basement decor and design projects was the best ways to keep the basement dry. Once the basement was deemed safe from the elements, a couch and some chairs were thrown down there and a simple game room was born. But as people and building methods start to get more innovative, the basement is becoming a place where families gather and spend quality time together.

Floor Options

No matter how waterproof you feel that your basement may be, putting a rug down there is risky because of the dampness that is often in the air. But for years, people would put a rug in their basement and risk property damage and illness just to have a basement floor that looks nice.

Today, there are a couple of options that people can investigate when it comes to getting the best look for a basement floor. There is a whole array of paints that are specifically designed for the conditions found in a basement. These paints cover concrete extremely well and can be used on the floor or the walls.

Another option is to have a new basement floor poured using stamped or stained concrete. A good contractor can make a stained basement floor look like it was made of marble, or have the look of expensive tile. The best part with both of these flooring methods is that they won't be ruined by the dampness.

Fireplaces and Wood Stoves

The look of a wood stove in a basement has become common. A wood stove not only looks great, but it can heat the basement during the winter as well. Many design and remodeling contractors are taking this idea a step further and installing fireplaces in basements. You can have a natural gas fireplace installed in your basement and enjoy the look and feel of a real fireplace whenever you want.

Full Bathrooms

The idea of expanding a basement into functional living space has gained momentum and has started to inspire homeowners to invest in facilities that were unheard of in the past. Many basements are accented with a half-bath that includes only a toilet and maybe a sink. But the newest trend in basement remodeling is to install a full bathroom that includes a toilet, sink, and even a luxury shower. By installing a full bathroom into your basement, you are really opening your space up to being more comfortable and functional.

Evolution of the Man Cave

Basements and garages are popular spots for men to build spaces where they can enjoy time with their friends and just get away from the world, and their wives for a little while. The early man caves were primitive examples of living spaces that had seating and a place for a television. The latest trend in basement remodeling is to go all in on your man cave design and create something that rivals any other room in your home.

Man caves today come complete with full bars, kitchens, fireplaces, and wall decor that enhances the theme. For example, a man cave with a hunting theme will have stuffed animal heads and other decorations placed on walls made of drywall and coated with protective paint. The science of the man cave has advanced considerably and has allowed guys to create getaways that are starting to make the ladies a little jealous.

Recessed Lighting

The idea of putting anything other than florescent shop lighting in a basement, even when the rest of the features were created with great care, was something that was rarely attempted. But as more people are putting up drywall to cover their basement ceilings and walls, the idea of utilizing elegant recessed lighting has become very popular. Recessed and indirect lighting, when using energy-efficient bulbs, can create an effect that is soothing and cost-effective.

If you want to do something to make your basement more functional, then it is time to take a look at the latest basement design, decor, and remodeling trends. The materials and methods being used today allow homeowners to do things with their basements that were considered all but impossible just a few years ago.

Whether you need to create more living space for a growing family, or you have the desire to build the ultimate man cave, there are plenty of contemporary trends you can call on to get the project done. Get a professional contractor involved in your project and see all of the many options that you have to choose from.