Bathroom Design, Decor and Remodeling Trends

Bathroom design and decor trends are sometimes difficult to pin down because the design of one's bathroom can be a very personal thing. But there have been plenty of new advances in building materials over the past few years that have inspired homeowners to get involved in trends for several reasons. Two of the biggest reasons for many of the more popular and contemporary bathroom remodeling trends are saving money and adding a unique look to a very personal space.

Less Water Consumption

One of the easiest, yet most financially significant, remodeling projects you can do is to replace your current fixtures with versions that use less water. There are now toilets that can flush without using an excess water at all, and you can also install shower heads that use much less water, but still get the same results.

Installing these efficient fixtures and appliances saves you money on your water bill and also frees up space in your bathroom. A toilet that has no tank, or even one with a smaller tank, will free up floor space in the one room in your house that really needs it.

Glass Tile Decor

An interesting bathroom decor trend is glass tile for the walls and shower surrounds. These are usually one-inch square glass pieces made of recycled glass and placed on one-foot square tiles to make installation easier. These colorful tiles capture the light throughout the day and offer a very dynamic look to the bathroom. These are also popular because of how easy they are to install.

Pedestal Sinks

Conserving floor space in the bathroom has become a battle cry for contemporary design experts all over the country. One of the ways that you can expand the floor space is to install a pedestal sink and remove the huge sink cabinet that you used to have. To get the storage space you need that the cabinet used to provide, most designers are installing smaller cabinets on the walls over the bathroom sinks and getting great results.

Bright Colors For Smaller Spaces

Bathrooms that are designed to take advantage of natural light can reduce your energy bills and help reduce the need to generate more electricity. One of the ways to better utilize natural light is to paint your bathroom walls with a reflective, light color. But this also has the added effect of making the bathroom seem larger, which is a benefit that many homeowners are buying into.

Skylights For More Light

The busiest time for a bathroom is in the morning, when the natural light is abundant. If you do not have any external walls in your bathroom, then you may want to consider having a skylight installed to take advantage of the money-saving effect of natural light. A skylight also allows the ultraviolet heat rays of the sun to get into your bathroom and heat your bathroom evenly.

Subway Tile Is a Trendy Design Option

Subway tile is when you tile the bathroom walls half the way up, and then use a solid colored paint for the upper-half of the walls. For example, a white-tiled lower portion of the bathroom wall would look great when contrasted with a blue-painted upper section. You can also choose trendy looking white and blue border tiles to make the transition from the tiles to the paint easier on the eyes.

Making It Rain in The Shower

Contemporary shower systems are getting more efficient and creative. One of the most popular trends in bathroom design and remodeling is having multiple shower heads installed in the shower, including one overhead that makes it feel like it is raining in the shower. Once again, the water consumption of this system is less than what you were using before. But the manner in which the water is used gives a more complete and fun bathing experience.

Heating the Floor

If you hate walking into the bathroom in the morning and being met with an icy cold floor, then you may want to take advantage of the radiant heating trend that is becoming popular all over the country. Radiant heat is created by placing heating coils under the floor. It offers an instant and even heat that can make your mornings much more enjoyable.

If you are planning on remodeling or renovating your bathroom, then there are ways that you can get a lot more functionality, while spending less money. Look at the contemporary trends for bathroom design and find the ones that fit your needs and tastes.