Bespoke Cabinets Design Trends

Bespoke Cabinetry -the art of designing unique, functional cabinets that reflect the personality of the owner- is constantly changing to reflect the taste of modern home owners. While these cabinets are designed to match the personality of the home in which they reside, homeowners do show preferences in the nature of the craftsmanship that enriches their personal spaces. Today's customer is budget conscious yet yearns for a home that makes day to day living easier and more pleasurable. By utilizing the options available in custom cabinetry, this desire becomes a reality.

What are modern homeowners using in their homes today?

Color options:

Many clients choose the classics: earthy tones that enrich natural materials such as wood and stone. Others gravitate towards shades of grey, providing a neutral base that can harmonize with any color scheme.

Matte colors are becoming increasingly popular as simplicity rules for many modern homes. While the cabinets shine on their own, the trend is to provide a solid base with furnishings that mesh well with a home's color palette, rather than clash with it.

The focus on natural and neutral tones ensures that the custom made features are designed to stay for the long term, outside of the whims of changing fashions. More and more customers are gravitating towards warm shades of toffee, eggshell and pure white as a way to make a classic style statement. As family budgets continue to tighten, clients are requesting traditional options that will keep their homes from looking outdated within a few seasons.


Just as with color options, traditional options are at the forefront of modern design. Clients are looking at their homes with their budgets in mind, choosing quality over fads. Many request stained and painted finishes, as traditional materials such as oak and walnut continue to be popular. Other clients opt for more exotic woods including bamboo that provide an eco-friendly finish for a modern home.

The use of classic, traditional materials means that even if a current homeowner needs to vacate the home, furnishings that conform to the needs and idiosyncrasies of the home make it a more appealing option when placed on the market. Custom cabinetry provides a solid return for a homeowner's investment.


Today's home functions as a space for everyone: the personality of a space caters to the needs and the taste of friends and family. As the heart of the home, a kitchen that provides functionality, much needed storage and a welcoming space for everyone are extremely popular with homeowners.

Busy parents are opting for streamlined furnishings that allow them a hands off approach to things that take away from family time. Stark and streamlined handles and touch-operated kitchen cabinets allow a busy parent to access pots and pans in the kitchen while keeping the kids fed and happy.

These touches make it easier to keep a neat, organized home. A customized, made- to- order bedroom cabinetry or closet system makes it easier to hide and or clean up clutter when there's no time to clean up. Cabinetry created for a particular homeowner's needs and idiosyncrasies provides a solution to their recurring problems that prefabricated furnishings rarely manage to meet. It's the targeted response to make a home a part of making a homeowner's life easier that makes a home a true extension of the people who live there.

Today's homeowners expect a unified look that ties together all elements of their homes. This usually means that homeowners wish to tie in custom created cabinetry to other aspects of the home, including kitchen tables and bedroom furniture. The harmonious nature adds to the personal touch and makes home design easier even for those with no design experience.

Other homeowners are going a step further, re-purposing vintage or heirloom pieces in modern ways. Working with a professional, these clients are able to add to the lifetimes of outdated furnishings while putting their own personal stamp on existing items. Other homeowners bring in artists to work with cabinet designers to create a functional and artistic element for their home. This form of recycling allows homeowners to stretch their budgets and put new life into furnishings that previously detracted from living spaces.

Responding directly to the individual needs of a homeowner, bespoke cabinets provide an authentic way to reflect the personality of the home. As homes become more "human friendly" and continue to make their families' lives easier, the desire for customization becomes more of a home improvement issue. Homeowners appreciate the ability for their personal spaces to support their unique needs. Function, beauty and durability combine to make a truly personalized space.