Carpet Design and Decor Trends

Fans of carpet design and decor have been following the ways in which technology has made carpeting a better investment for homeowners. Some of the biggest concerns with carpeting have centered around wear in high-traffic areas and the inability for carpeting to withstand persistent cleaning. When a couple has small children, the carpet tends to get stained and cleaned a lot. Over time, that can cause the carpet to deteriorate, requiring repair or replacement. But much of that is starting to change.

Some of the carpet design and decor trends are based on the idea of making your life easier. Carpet tends to show off dirt and debris, but there are changes being made and trends developing that are helping to reduce the effects of debris on the look and environment in your home.

The Layered Look Is In

Dark colors are popular with contemporary carpet design trends and that is enhanced by the desire for layers of color using patterns and designs. Layers of color in a carpet add intrigue to the carpet's look, and they also help to hide dust much better than solid colors.

Light-colored carpeting used to be the norm for many years, but this new layered approach is utilizing dark colors in combinations that allow the other elements of the room to stand out. With the help of complicated patterns and elegant designs, carpeting is also taking its place as a major design element.

Tight-Woven Yarn Makes More Durable Carpets

Part of the lure of contemporary carpets is the new ways in which carpeting is being manufactured. If a homeowner is going to invest in a carpet that makes a statement as its own part of the room decor, then that carpet needs to be durable and resist many of the challenges that carpets have faced in the past.

Higher quality yard being woven together with much more advanced equipment allows new carpets to resist wear and last longer. These new manufacturing efforts are also allowing carpets to tolerate regular cleaning with both vacuums and steam cleaners. The new yarn and manufacturing methods are able to retain their shape and color to a much higher degree than older carpets used to.

Wall Decor

In the 1960's, carpeting was being used as wall decor, but not to the extent that it is being used now. Putting carpet on the wall adds color and can also help add another layer of insulation to the interior of your home. This helps to keep the outside weather from getting into the home and that saves on monthly energy bills.

A popular trend that is gaining in popularity is to buy carpet segments of different colors and create patterns on walls with the finished result. In many ways, you could call these carpet tiles that are being used to add a whole new dimension to interior design.

Glamorous Area Rugs

If the Internet has done anything for carpet design and decor trends, it has made area rugs more widely available in greater variety. In the past, people were limited to rugs for sale that local stores had in stock. The idea of buying an area rug from a catalog just did not seem to appeal to a wide cross-section of consumers.

But the Internet has changed all of that and has made the idea of buying area rugs appealing again to people from all walks of life. A big contemporary trend is buying fake animal rugs for main rooms in people's homes. A fake bear or cougar skin rug in the living room has become something that many people find interesting.

Eco-Friendly Rugs Are Making A Splash

Good carpeting, by and large, is made from natural materials. But there has been a push in recent years to make carpet even more eco-friendly. That push has resulted in area rugs made from materials such as bamboo and sea grass. Not only are these rugs made from materials that are abundant and durable, but they also add a unique look to any room.

Carpet design and decor trends have been shifting for several years and, in many ways, they have come full circle. In the 1970's, the colorful shag rug was a major part of an interior design theme. When the 1980's hit, rugs went into the background and became functional design elements. But all of the latest carpet trends have bold and colorful rugs making a comeback and that has added a lot of color to your interior design options.