Drapes and Curtains Design and Decor Trends

It can be said that your window treatments are the first impression people get to the interior of your home. Your walkway and landscaping creates your home's curb appeal, and the curtains are the first part of your home's interior that new visitors see. When you want your interior design to make a good first impression, you should pay close attention to your curtains.

There are plenty of tricks and techniques with drapes and curtains you can use to help enhance the interior design of your home. For example, putting larger drapes on your front window is a good way to make your front room feel larger. But the contemporary design and decor trends with drapes and curtains have created several different options that every homeowner should explore.

Homemade Drapes Are Becoming Extremely Popular

One of the overriding trends in drapes and curtains is a desire to be environmentally friendly while creating a unique look and feel. While you want your curtains to look special, you also do not want to take away from the hard work you have done on other elements of your interior design.

Homemade drapes are a way for you to express yourself, save some money, and recycle old products. For example, you can hem that old blanket to make it fit your window, dye the blanket a new color, and create a nice window treatment. If you want to take your homemade drapes to the next level, then you can hang them on a branch that you find outside your home and use as a curtain rod. You can strip the branch, sand it, and then stain it to contrast or match your homemade curtains.

Natural Materials Are In

Drapes and curtains have been accented by window blinds for years. In previous years, those blinds were made of vinyl, plastic, or some other non-biodegradable material. The contemporary trend is to replace that non-biodegradable material with something natural that looks great and saves the environment.

Blinds made from cloth or natural wood have become very popular and fit almost any kind of decor. Wood such as bamboo, which is plentiful around the world, has become a popular material for making attractive window blinds that accent drapes and curtains.

Go With Layers

The traditional arrangement for curtains and drapes used to include a panel for each side of the window, and then a sheer between the drapes and the window. But that has all changed now that the Internet has made drapery accessible and inexpensive for people all over the country.

One contemporary drape and curtains design decor trend is to put up your window treatments in layers that use colors which contrast for effect. For example, a black external drape may have a yellow set of curtains under it and then a sheer. When the drapes and curtains are arranged for display, the contrasting colors and multiple layers enhance the decor of the room. The multiple layers also helps to keep the room temperature regulated.

Blue Is The New Color

There was a time when red, in all of its shades, was the color of choice for drapes and curtains. But tastes are rapidly changing, and blue has become the color of choice for many homeowners and interior decorators.

Different shades of blue with a white foundation help to add color to a room and allow just enough natural light in to keep the artificial lights off during the day and save on the energy bill. Horizontal stripes using blue and green, with a foundation of white, are also starting to become popular as enhancements for a home's interior design.

Luxury Fabrics Are Making A Comeback

In the 1960's, luxury fabrics such as silk, suede, and leather were extremely popular for window treatments. But as people became fascinated with "space age" materials in the 1980's, those luxury materials seemed to be left behind.

In contemporary times, luxury materials are in vogue once again and they are coming back with a vengeance. Commercial luxury properties have started to use silk and suede curtains and drapes, while residential customers are bringing back damasks and even velvet window treatments.

When people see your home for the first time, your curtains give them an idea as to what to expect. That is why you should spend some time updating your drapes and curtains to fit the contemporary styles and allow your home's interior to make a positive first impression.