Interior Doors Design Trends

Interior design trends include every element of a home's internal decor. Each era has its own particular preferences and that includes the designs and styles for interior doors. There are two ways you can look at interior doors; as functional ways to separate space, or as ways to enhance your home's decor. Of course, when you combine those two ideas, then you have the ability to create something special and meaningful in your living space.

The latest interior door design trends have more to do with style than functionality. While there are many different ways to design a door, the contemporary methods rely more on a particular look than a particular type.

Folding Doors Are Out

There was a time, not too long ago, where folding doors seemed to be very stylish and in vogue. But as we get deeper into the 21st century, folding doors are starting to become a thing of the past. Along with pocket doors (the kinds of doors that retract into the wall), folding doors are no longer the contemporary design element they used to be.

Treated Glass

One of the trends in interior doors that is becoming extremely popular is having treated glass segments included in your interior doors. For a very long time, glass was not part of interior door designs as it was seen as more of an exterior door kind of element. But more and more people are putting decorative glass segments in their interior doors and changing the way their homes look.

The two most common treatments for interior door glass is frosting the glass or creating the effect of stained glass. For people who want a more genuine effect, there is always the option of actually having stained glass in the door as opposed to creating the effect with special window film.

No Longer Minimalist

Interior doors were usually functional in their design and purpose. When people wanted to put color or decoration on their doors, they would focus on their exterior doors as a statement to the public. But all of that has changed and interior doors are no long havens for minimalist design notions.

It is increasingly common for homeowners to have their doors painted in bright colors, especially blues and yellows. People are also adding decorations that are appropriate for the room that the door is protecting. For example, the family game room interior door may have a game controller as a handle. There are also more and more larger décor elements, that are not necessarily related to the room beyond the door, being added to interior doors as well.

Sliding Doors

The notion of pocket or folding doors has been replaced with decorative sliding doors. These are doors one would expect to see leading to an exterior patio, but they are also being used to separate the living room from the kitchen.

Interior sliding doors have been around for a long time, but they are becoming extremely popular in current years. In most cases, the sliding interior doors being installed in homes are made of huge panes of glass that are not the double-paned types you see on exterior doors. These sliding doors are light and easy to maneuver and can add a great deal to the interior design of a home.

Hand-Painted Doors

If you look at pictures of old French castles, you will see interior doors that have hand-painted elements on them that look extremely ornate. That look has taken hold in these contemporary times and people are having artists create unique designs and murals on their interior doors.

Eco-Friendly Designs

Interior doors never used to have designs that helped preserve the environment, but that has changed. These days, many interior doors are made with a layer of insulation that is designed to help maintain the temperature in each room of the house. There has also been a strong movement towards buying doors made from recycled wood material that makes the door look as though it was made from solid oak or cherry wood.

The interior doors in your home can help to keep your home comfortable and project a look that will make your interior design unique. By following the latest trends with interior door designs, you can have the kind of look you have always wanted in your home, while also making sure that each part of your home is energy-efficient as well.