Interior Painting Trends

A big part of an interior design project is the paint color palette you decide to use. Each era in history has its unmistakable color schemes and paint materials that make the era easy to identify. For example, it is pretty easy to walk into a room that was painted in the 1960's and identify the era the interior paint design came from.

These days, interior painting trends have changed and there is a different set of standards that paint manufacturers and interior designers are using. If you want to add a contemporary look to your interior design, then it all begins with the choices you make with your paints.

Paint Is In, Wallpaper Is Out

For the longest time, interior decorating experts were torn over whether to use paint or wallpaper as the foundation for a room design. In these contemporary times, paint has definitely won out over wallpaper as the color foundation of choice.

With all of the customization options that people have in their lives thanks to advances in technology, it only makes sense that paint has taken its place as the design element of choice. When you paint a room, you can give it any look that you want. Wallpaper can be limiting, and that kind of constraint is not necessary anymore.

Green Living Means Eco-Friendly Paint

Back in the 1980's, we all learned about the dangers of the lead-based paints we had been using for decades. As a result of the potential issue with lead-based paints, manufacturers started to put out paints based on oil and water. As society becomes more conscious of the environment, the ingredients that go into the paint are now getting a makeover to become more eco-friendly.

These days, the list of chemicals that normally goes into a can of paint is getting replaced with organic ingredients that do less damage to the environment. The process of making these paints is safer for the environment because it does not pollute the water or air with chemicals, and it is safer for your home because the initial application process does not involve dangerous fumes.

Today's Color Schemes Are All About Contrast

Each era has its own popular color schemes and this modern era is no different. The contemporary trend is to use a base of Earth or muted tones, such as gray or a muted blue, and contrast that with bright colors on the trim of the room.

The idea of matching colors is getting an overhaul as colors that were never thought to go together are suddenly starting to show up in living rooms and bedrooms all over the country. The idea of painting a room one solid color is starting to disappear and be replaced with colorful contrast.

Making A Statement Is The New Thing

Another part of the latest interior painting trends is to use colors that have meaning. For example, if your wedding colors were blue and white, then you would paint your walls a muted blue and your trim white.

This part of the trend is getting a lot of traction in man caves and family game rooms where the colors of the family's favorite sports team are used to decorate. It has become important that each color used to paint a room has significance and a story to tell.

Bare Walls Are Becoming The Norm

While it is more of a decorating trend than a painting trend, it is important to note that less and less people are putting family photos on the walls of their main gathering rooms anymore. The family pictures are starting to be put up on stairway walls, or on one wall in a room that is designated as the display wall. In many cases, that display wall is being painted a different color than the rest of the room.

When it comes to painting your home's interior, there have been a lot of changes in the materials and methods that are being used. It has become important to use eco-friendly paint and each color you use must have a purpose. The idea of contrast is being redefined and families are being encouraged to show off their bare walls. If you want a contemporary look in your home, then it all begins with your interior paint choices.