Lighting Design Trends

There was a time, through 1980's to around the mid 1990's, that home lighting was taken for granted. There were not many innovations in home lighting and lighting design trends tended to be bland. But as the millennium changed, there seemed to be a significant influx of new lighting technology that has brought home lighting design to the forefront.

In order to get a contemporary look for your home, you need to understand the latest in interior design concepts. Home lighting has seen a revival in the past few years and there are plenty of interior lighting concepts for you to choose from.

Artistically Inspired Lighting

Back in the 1960's, chandeliers and other artistic lighting was extremely popular. Today, artistic lighting is making a comeback and it has become more diverse than ever. People are now buying lamps that look like they could be in the Louvre instead of someone's front room. Chandeliers adorned with light-refracting crystals have become extremely popular and are showing up in dining rooms, foyers, and family rooms all over the country. Neon sign art is now available as home decor in its new, lightweight version using LED flex and is taking the Instagraming world by storm.

Refined Iron Fixtures

Rustic lighting has become extremely popular and the most popular kind of rustic lighting consists of fixtures made with refined iron. These rugged looking fixtures are showing up in wall-mounted designs as well as overhead pieces. They have a look of interweaving iron rods that have come together to create something truly unique.

Pendant Lighting

Broad lighting that is used to illuminate an entire room has started to fall out of favor with contemporary lighting designers and it has been replaced by pendant lighting. Instead of one large light used to illuminate an entire area, a series of smaller pendant lights installed at different heights is now the norm.

Pendant lighting looks unique and can save you a lot of money. One room where pendant lighting has become popular is the kitchen, where pendant lights can be used to provide lighting in the work and eating areas instead of the whole room. This economic use of light creates an interesting effect and keeps the electric bills down.

Indirect Lighting

The interior lighting design trend of indirect lighting has gained popularity thanks in large part to the efforts being made to utilize more natural light. In order to get more out of natural light, many homeowners are starting to paint certain rooms in their homes with reflective paint. It looks like regular paint, but it grabs the natural light from windows and illuminates an entire room.

Indirect lighting is a design idea that points the lights away from the area they are supposed to illuminate and utilizes light reflecting off the walls or ceilings instead. Since many homeowners are painting their rooms with reflective paint, indirect lighting has become popular because there is no more glare that can come with direct lighting.

Programmable LED Lighting

Those dancing Christmas lights that your neighbor started using a year or two ago are probably programmable LED lights. These lights can be programmed to dim at certain times of the day, change colors, and create patterns that allow for maximum light coverage.

More and more people are having programmable LED lights installed into their homes and making good use of them. For example, a wall-mounted water fountain can become the focal point of a room when it is illuminated by programmable LED lights that change colors. These LED lights are extremely inexpensive to operate and they create fun and interesting effects.

Brass Fixtures

It seems like every era has its favorite material for creating lighting fixtures and the contemporary material is brass. People used to use brass fixtures almost exclusively as exterior lighting elements, but now those brass fixtures are starting to show up inside homes as well.

The key to a contemporary brass lighting fixture is that it needs to be extremely decorative. One of the reasons that homeowners seem to like brass fixtures is they are inexpensive while still being visually impressive. Brass has a high-quality shine to it that has captured the imaginations of people all over the country.

When you are ready to install some new lighting fixtures in your home, take the time to explore the latest in lighting design trends. You will notice that there is just as much emphasis on style as there is on saving money. You can have some fun with the new lighting designs and get results that will really help your home to stand out from the rest.