Sunroom Design and Decor Trends

A sunroom can add comfortable living space to your home and also act as a minor source of heat as well. The design process of your sunroom requires you to make some pretty important decisions early in the process. What kind of flooring will your sunroom have? Are you going with air conditioning, or will you have screens for air circulation? These decisions and more are going to make a huge difference in how your sunroom looks and functions.

The Flooring

The three most popular types of flooring for a sunroom are concrete, hardwood, and carpeting. If you already have a concrete floor and do not feel like covering it, then you can still add color to your sunroom floor by utilizing paint and other coatings specially designed for concrete floors. It comes in a variety of colors and can even be combined to create colorful effects. If you intend to put in laminate or hardwood flooring for your sunroom, then remember to create an edge around the room. You will also need an edge around the room if you want to install a wall-to-wall carpet as well. Don't forget about the possibilities of painting the concrete floor and using an area rug. This will allow you to create a luxurious effect that can be more easily changed with the seasons or evolving tastes.


The windows for your sunroom create a lot of options as well. Some people create a sunroom by putting removable walls on a patio and making sure that there are plenty of windows in those walls. If your home has limited access for larger items such as couches and appliances, then removable walls may be a good idea. It is not uncommon for people to install energy efficient windows in their sunrooms and rely on air conditioning and home heating to regulate the heat. This would make sense in areas that have wide swings in weather conditions from one season to the next. Your other option is to utilize screens that allow plenty of airflow and can be either removed or covered during the winter.


The latest trend for sunrooms is to turn them into dining rooms either during the warmer months, or all year round. The most common use for a sunroom is as a sitting area, which would require couches and other lounging furniture. But the move towards creating a formal dining area has caused many people to put large dining room tables and other accessories into their sunrooms as a sort of midway point between indoor and alfresco dining. Not only does turning your sunroom into a dining room give you a dining room with a great view, but it also frees up extra space in your home. You can turn your old dining room into a den, a family room, or another bedroom if you need to.

Natural Light

Since the topic of this discussion is sunrooms, it makes sense that we would consider different ways to access natural light. One of the latest trends in sunroom design it to install a skylight in the roof of the sunroom and allow even more light to enter. For a larger sunroom, some people are installing multiple skylights. Another growing trend is to make the walls and ceiling of your sunroom completely out of glass. If you are looking to maximize how much natural light your sunroom can bring in, then the best way to do it is to make everything out of treated glass.

Ceiling Fans

For the majority of sunroom users, screens over windows that allow airflow in the room is the preferred option. In these cases, a ceiling fan is often installed to help the air circulate faster and make the room more comfortable. The trend in sunroom decor is to utilize highly decorative ceiling fans that enhance the decor. If you are going with a jungle or outdoors theme for your sunroom, then a ceiling fan with bamboo blades would be perfect. The idea of accenting your sunroom decor with a stylish ceiling fan, rather than a generic white plastic model, is becoming extremely popular. A sunroom is a great place for the family to relax and entertain guests. But more and more sunrooms are taking on functional roles in the home such as dining rooms and even bedrooms. When you design your contemporary sunroom, remember that the latest trend is towards letting in the light and creating a thematic atmosphere. Have fun when designing your sunroom and do your best to get the absolute most out of it that you can.